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Most children and youth in America have loving families, a secure home, friends, support,  guidance, encouragement and many opportunities to live healthy and connected lives.Their peers - nearly half a million children have been removed from their homes and placed in our public foster care system - need help to restore their health and well being.


They need all of the responsible adults in their neighborhoods to make sure that they are rooted in family and community. They need us to make sure they have every opportunity to live an engaged and productive life - just like their peers who have not been placed in foster care. They need us to re-envision the way we care for them.

Why We Need Your Help

Investing in foster care innovation that results in better life outcomes for our nation's most vulnerable children is a wise decision. Every year in this country nearly 25,000 young people "age out" of foster care alone and at risk for homelessness, unemployment, incarceration, teen parenting and lives of poverty.

  • We need your help to break this cycle.
  • We need your help to flip the current foster care paradigm.
  • We need your help to inspire a Re-Envisioning of Foster Care in America.
  • We need your help to get more people to stand under the banner of Shared Responsibility and help improve the odds for our nation's most vulnerable children and youth.

How We Use Your Help

Your generous donation will help thousands of children thrive more and struggle less. It will help build organizational capacity to serve more children and families locally, regionally and nationally. It will help create fiscal sustainability so that the Treehouse Foundation staff and board of directors can continue developing the Treehouse Community model and the Re-Envisioning Foster Care in America Initiative - two best practice child welfare approaches that we want to replicate across the nation.

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