Our Funding Approach

The Treehouse Foundation supports its operations, programs and initiatives through bi-annual fundraising appeals, grants and cultivation of individual donors.

Breakdown of Current Revenues

Funding Sources

Funding Priorities

Early Treehouse Foundation fundraising activity was significant and focused on the development and implementation of the Treehouse Community that opened in 2006. At this time our original Board of Directors was Boston based.  Since that time the organization's board has transitioned to a new Western Massachusetts based board which meets monthly at the Treehouse Community Center, guided by the organization’s strategic plan.  The foundation's current fundraising priorities are to support the continued growth and progress of the Treehouse community, as well as the coordination and development of the Re-Envisioning Foster Care Initiative.

The Foundation is now embarking on a path to create sustainable funding combining current methods and new systems to expand our donor base and funding sources. Our goal is to implement a mission based system and invest in a nationally recognized fundraising model that will help achieve our goals.

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