Permanency: It's Possible for Youth in Residential Care Too!
Presented by Lauren Frey and James Lister
For youth in foster care or residential, out-of-home placement is intended to be the path to permanency by positively impacting youth well-being by restoring safe parenting and lifelong family relationships. For all youth in or at risk of child welfare system intervention, the primary goal is to help them to “stay home, go home or find home.” For youth who are placed, intervention must be organized around the goal of safely and quickly “getting them back home” – by resolving the issues that contributed to family breakdown and restoring the opportunity for safe parenting.  For those youth in placement who cannot safely return home, interventions must be geared toward “finding them a home” – by recreating opportunities for safe and permanent parenting while remaining connected to family. The transformational shift to permanency practice at Plummer Home in Salem, MA will be highlighted by examining four strategic roles of residential treatment – advocating for permanency; integrating permanency and preparedness; involving youth, parents and family members together with professionals in team planning and decision-making; and promoting youth readiness and family preparation for permanency. Plummer’s model of intervention plus best practice strategies and tools in the field will be shared.

Lauren Frey, MSW, LICSW
Lauren is the managing member of 3P Consulting LLC, assisting public and private child welfare agencies achieve timely and permanent exit to family for all youth in foster care. As a senior permanency consultant in child welfare, she excels in developing innovative practice models, implementing collaborative teaming approaches, engaging youth, parents and family members together with professionals in decision-making, preventing “aging out” by creating family for older youth, promoting family placement options that reduce reliance on residential care and supporting organizational change.

Most recently as the Project Director for Permanency Services at Casey Family Services in New Haven, CT, Lauren was a key leader in the design and implementation of Lifelong Families, a foster care practice model achieving permanency for treatment-level youth. Her 35 years of professional experience in child welfare include. Lauren is also the adoptive mother of three adult daughters and a son who all joined her family after “aging out” of foster care.

James Lister, MBA
James is Executive Director of Plummer Home - a group home for adolescent males, community prevention and supported apartment programs and treatment foster care. Under his leadership, Plummer has made the innovative shift toward permanency outcomes to prevent youth from "aging out" without a safe, supportive and lifelong family network.


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